Lake’s Edge, Scott Gallery, April 12 to May 3, 2014

Posted on January 7, 2015
Lake's Edge, Scott Gallery
April 12 – May 3, 2014  with an Opening Reception on April 12 from 1 – 5 pm

I am happiest when I have stone in my hands. I am driven to seek it out, touch it, explore it, carve it. I believe that stone is as essential to our lives as water and air. Stone teaches patience, to think before acting or speaking. Its hardness slows me down, grounds me. The birds and other creatures represent every human emotion from absolute revulsion to utter awe. I enjoy freeing them from blocks of stone.  – Loretta Kyle

Throughout the past year, a year in which my mother became very sick and then finally succumbed in December, my mid-morning walks along the shore of the lake which is my neighbourhood provided me with not only solace but focus. With smartphone in hand I recorded each nuance of light and subtlety of weather on sky, water and ice. The results provided me with an opportunity to push beyond my usual practice of diligent description. While painting from these images, I felt a strong pull towards the abstract although, like my mother, I insisted on keeping my feet on the ground, with the horizon acting as balance. The paintings became about the relationship between the concrete and the abstract, form and the formless – the view and the experience. Although they are rooted in the view, I have encouraged them to speak in mystical tones. – Pamela Thurston

Scott Gallery is pleased to present the work of Loretta Kyle and Pamela Thurston in a two-person show titled, Lake’s Edge. We feel the artists’ works, sculptures and paintings respectively, come about through extended contemplation of their subjects and great sensitivity to material. This is an important commonality of these otherwise distinct bodies of work.

The steady contemplation of a subject (the surface of a lake seen from shore or the essential, physical aspect of a bird) rewards both the artist and the viewer with fully realized, independent art objects.

OPENING: Saturday April 12, 2014
TIME:  1:00 to 5:00 pm 
EXHIBITION: April 12 – May 3, 2014

10411-124 St
Edmonton, AB
T5N 3Z5

10-5 pm Tuesday – Saturday

Image (left to right):
Loretta Kyle “Introspection” chlorite 5.5 x 6 x 6″
Pamela Thurston “Cloud” oil on canvas 20 x 20″
Scott Gallery

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